5 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas

Anytime you’re shopping for gifts for co-workers or family members, it’s all too easy to get stumped for ideas. You want to give presents that people like, and not everybody likes the same items. That’s exactly why it’s good to have a few go-to ideas ready.

Below, consider five thoughtful holiday gift ideas that are always appreciated.

  1. A custom gift basket. Start with what you know about the recipient. What are his or her interests, activities, favorite places to go, etc.? Use that knowledge to arrange a gift basket for that individual. For your mom who loves cooking, maybe put together a basket of olive oil, locally made pasta and gourmet sauce. For your brother-in-law who golfs every weekend, you might combine various golfing gear with a gift card. From food baskets to book baskets and everything in between, it’s hard to go wrong with a hand-picked selection of artfully arranged gifts.
  2. Personalized jewelry. From necklaces to rings, jewelry is always a welcome present — but, at ArtPix 3D, we take the classic one step further. Our custom crystal necklaces allow you to showcase a favorite memory in the timeless appeal of stunning crystal. For a friend who lost a beloved pet last year or for new parents, memorialize the events with personalized jewelry they’ll treasure.
  3. Baked goods. If there’s one thing most people have in common, it’s enjoying good food. That’s why it’s hard to go wrong with quality baked goods, packaged or homemade. What makes this gift even more special is when you give a baked good you already know someone likes, such as English toffee for your dad or a dozen chocolate chip cookies for your co-worker. Pay attention to what you see people enjoying.
  4. favorite drink. In today’s world where drinks — from wine and beer to other liquor — is something of a luxury, giving quality alcohol is another great go-to. A bottle of wine makes an ideal hostess gift at a holiday party, and a special Scotch is perfect for the person in your life who you know enjoys it. Treat someone to a little indulgence when you give a favorite drink.
  5. Gift cards. Last but not least, gift cards are always in style. Some popular options are gift cards for restaurants, movies, massages or groceries. When you can’t think of anything else to buy for someone in your life, you can bet he or she will appreciate some money to spend.

What all of the above ideas have in common is mass appeal. Whether you’re buying for a distant relative you haven’t seen in years or for a child’s teacher who’s been a godsend in your life, these options are an excellent way to get inspired. With a little thought, you can surprise almost anyone with the kind of holiday gift that feels special!

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