We’re about halfway through December, so we want to begin Part Three of our Perfect Holiday Season Blog Series with a hearty congratulations on making it this far. Well done!

Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

By this time, you’ve probably checked most of the critical items off your Christmas list. With your decorations up and your gifts hidden in clever places around the house, it’s time to start tackling the miscellaneous tasks that accumulate during this stage of the holiday season. 

It might be tempting to put off planning these final details until later. Picking up gift wrapping supplies, stocking the guest bathroom with toiletries, and selecting napkins to go with your table decor may seem like minutiae that won’t require that much of your attention. However, procrastinating till there are only a few days until Christmas is usually a nightmare.

In your hurry to get everything done, you’ll probably make some sub-par choices, making it obvious that you waited until the last minute. Conversely, if you set aside enough time to complete the last few tasks on your list, you’ll be able to relax on Christmas Eve knowing that you put in the effort to make the holiday extra special.

For today’s topic, we want to talk about stocking stuffers. You may think of these as small gifts to round out the “real” presents, but they’re so much more than that. A well-chosen stocking stuffer can really make someone’s face light up on Christmas morning, especially if you put a lot of thought and care into it. So, if your plan is to grab a few knick-knacks and gadgets on your way through the check-out area at the mall, you may want to rework your strategy.

What makes a great stocking stuffer? The key ingredient is individuality. Nothing makes a person feel more loved than receiving a gift that was chosen just for them. Rather than purchasing a handful of identical keychain bottle-openers for everyone in your home, tailor your selections for each recipient. 

This is where personalized gifts are going to be your best friend. Having small gifts customized with names or special messages is a great way to add a personal touch to the contents of everyone’s Christmas stockings. The best part is that you can conveniently order personalized gifts online, making it easier than ever to get thoughtful stocking stuffers for everyone on your list in no time. 

At ArtPix 3D, we pride ourselves on helping you create unique personalized gifts for every occasion. When it comes to personalized stocking stuffer ideas, we have a few suggestions. 

If you’re still struggling through some of the more pressing items on your to-do list, don’t panic! You still have time to catch up. Plus, we’ll be here to help you all through December 2019 with helpful holiday tips, tricks, and recommendations. You can find great Christmas gift ideas and more on our blog. If you missed Part Two of our Perfect Holiday Season Blog Series, you can read it here

Without further ado, here are our picks for personalized Christmas gifts that make great stocking stuffers.

Stocking Stuffers for Men and Women 

Personalized Notepads

Floral Monogram Mixed Personalized Notepads from Paper Source

You might be able to discard your holiday list once Christmas is over, but there will still be plenty more to do in the following weeks. That’s the time to send thank you cards, return gifts, and get normal routines back on track. However, it’s easy to get lost in a post-holiday fog, making it difficult to focus on the responsibilities at hand.

Your friends and family members would probably love a little extra help staying organized as they recover from the festivities. These Floral Monogram Note Pads from Paper Source are a great place to keep track of important tasks or jot down New Year’s Resolutions. They can be personalized with the name and first initial of the recipient and customized with your choice of font, making them an excellent stocking stuffer.

A Custom Return Address Stamp

Create Your Own Return Address Stamp from Zazzle

Sending thank you notes after Christmas can be a time-consuming process, especially if you’re writing out the return address by hand each time. This Create Your Own Return Address Stamp from Zazzle would be a much-appreciated stocking stuffer for anyone with a long list of thank-yous to send out. Not only will it cut the task’s time in half, but it will also add a touch of personalized elegance to their mail year-round.

Engraved Wooden Spoons

Mom’s Kitchen Personalized Wooden Spoons from Etsy

If you enjoyed a delicious meal at someone’s home this holiday season, this creative stocking stuffer is a great way to thank them. A Personalized Wooden Spoon from Etsy engraved with a special message is sure to make any culinary genius feel loved and appreciated. Every time they cook with their customized spoon, they’ll think of you!

Custom Tea

Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash

There may be only a week or so left until Christmas, but there are many, many more weeks of winter ahead of us. The best remedy for a chilly winter night is a nice, hot cup of tea. Surprise your friends and family members this year with a Custom Tea Blend from Blendbee.

Their customization process lets you incorporate a variety of flavors to create a personalized tea blend for everyone on your Christmas list. You can even name each custom tea blend after the recipient. When your friends and relatives empty their stockings on Christmas morning, the thought you put into this gift will make them feel as warm inside as the cups of tea they’ll enjoy from their custom blend.

A 3D Photo Crystal

Personalized Keychain Square from ArtPix 3D

When you start thinking about how much your loved ones mean to you, odds are there are specific moments that come to mind. ArtPix 3D can help you turn those memories into thoughtful gifts! Upload your favorite photos to our website, and we’ll create a custom crystal masterpiece for everyone on your list.

Our crystals come in a variety of sizes from super tiny to absolutely massive, making it easy for you to find one that fits your specific needs. We also carry unique crystal accessories such as necklaces, keychains, and wine stoppers. Check out our shop for unique stocking stuffer ideas that will take your breath away!

Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Custom Water Bottle 

Rainbow Custom Text Sports Bottle from CafePress

Before you know it, school will be back in session. For many high schoolers, that means long class periods and the resumption of school sports. Help your teens stay hydrated in 2020 by surprising them with a Rainbow Custom Text Sports Bottle from CafePress in their Christmas stocking. Its unique design displays their name in every color of the rainbow, preventing water bottle mix-ups with other students.

A Custom Lanyard

Custom Leather Lanyard ID Holder Necklace from Etsy

Teens are basically adults in training. Every year, they’ll become more independent as they take on more grown-up responsibilities. At some point, your teens will probably receive their own set of house keys, which means that you now trust them to come home on their own, even when you’re not there.

You can help them master this exciting new responsibility with a Custom Leather Lanyard from Etsy. This creative stocking stuffer makes it easy to keep track of house keys and ID tags. It can be personalized with a name or set of initials, so if your teen loses their keys at school, someone will be sure to return them.

Personalized Passport Cover

Modern Dark Green Travel Passport Cover with Name from Zazzle 

As teens enter their final years of high school and start preparing for college, they may be making plans to travel abroad, which means they’ll be applying for a passport soon. If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer idea to celebrate this rite of passage in your teen’s life, a stylish Passport Cover from Zazzle personalized with their name is the perfect choice. This sophisticated gift will help them make a statement no matter where they travel.

Zodiac Necklace

Fylow 925 Sterling Silver Constellation Necklace

The current astrology trend makes it easier than ever to give personalized gifts based on the recipient’s sun sign; all you have to know is their birthday! This Sterling Silver Constellation Necklace from Etsy is an ingenious gift that any teen would love to find in their stocking on Christmas morning.

Custom M&Ms

Personalizable M&Ms Round Gift Box

Despite their growing independence, most teens are still kids at heart. When it comes to stocking stuffer ideas, you can’t go wrong with candy! Surprise your teen on Christmas morning with a box of Personalized M&Ms. Not only can you curate this custom box with their favorite M&M colors (we all have a preference), but you can also have a special message and some cute holiday designs printed on these sweet treats.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids 

Personalized Pencils 

Lightning Bolt Personalized Pencils from Shutterfly

Kids aren’t always excited to go back to school at the end of Christmas break. You can give them a little encouragement with this colorful Personalized Pencil Set from Shutterfly. Available in a few different color schemes and a variety of personalizable designs, these pencils will display your child’s name along with a positive message. This scholarly stocking stuffer will also ensure that any borrowed pencils are returned.

Custom Stickers

My Magical Snowman Stickers from I See Me!

If you’re looking for creative back to school gifts to fill your child’s Christmas stocking, these My Magical Snowman Stickers from I See Me! are an excellent option. Personalizable with your child’s name, these adorable holiday-themed stickers make wonderful labels for books, toys, and school supplies.

Custom Stamp

My Stamper Self-Inking Children’s Name Stamp

Another great stocking stuffer idea to help kids keep track of their school supplies is this My Stamper Self-Inking Children’s Name Stamp from Amazon. Easily customizable with your child’s name in a variety of unique designs, this stamp is perfect for adding a little individual flair to textbooks and notes as well as personal items.

A Personalized Door Sign

Zoomie Kids Personalized Door Sign from Wayfair

Sometimes, kids need their space. Encourage them to take ownership of their room with a Kiaan Mountains Personalized Door Sign from Wayfair. This creative stocking stuffer is custom made with your child’s name, and it can be used to designate any space that’s theirs, whether it’s a bedroom, playroom, or their half of a shared room.

Custom Music Box 

Little Music Box with Hand Cranked Mechanism from Etsy

Does your child have a favorite song? If so, they’d love a custom music box that lets them play it over and over again. Surprise them on Christmas morning by leaving a Little Music Box from Etsy in their stocking. Customizable with a variety of popular songs, this adorable music box is equipped with an easy-to-use hand crank that’s lots of fun for kids to turn. You can even personalize it with a holiday message. 

We hope these creative gift ideas inspire you as you shop for personalized stocking stuffers to give everyone on your list. For more personalized gift ideas, check out our shop. Stay tuned for the next post in our Perfect Holiday Season Blog Series; we’ll be giving you some tips on picking the perfect Secret Santa gift for the office Christmas party!